Salutation by the Director of Mental Health Services Directorate

Welcome to Mental Health Services Directorate webpage. Our Directorate constitutes one of the six Directorates and autonomous organizations of the State Health Services Organization.

Main goal through this webpage is to inform you about our vision and our strategic planning, according to the Vision of the State Health Organization Services, to ensure the continuity of the information given as for actions and measures taken in order to implement and execute our vision through the strategic planning, as an autonomous organization.

Our vision is the promotion of mental health based on equality and offered to the population regardless age restrictions, through the provision of high quality mental health services. Our main strategy goals is the prevention of mental health problems, provide mental health services of high quality in the fields of diagnostic evaluations, therapeutically interventions and actions of rehabilitation.

As for the first strategy goal “prevention of mental health problems”, MHS Directorate in association with the General Director of SHSO, the Directorates of SHSO, the Ministry of Health, Non-Governmental Organizations and other organized sectors, implements policies and develops activities and programs that promote prevention, with emphasis to children and adolescents.

As for the second goal “provision of high quality mental health services”, MHS Directorate organizes and operates several services and structures, according to the population needs, the general acceptable scientifically developments in the field of mental health and according to the guidelines of relevant international organizations having the capacity to improve and modernized those guidelines, and also by the educational continuity.

The basic principles that regulate MHS Directorate’s function is to provide easily accessible services, to insure a complete range of services provided, the coordination and health care continuity, to provide efficient services and interventions, the provision of health care by equality based on patients’ needs and with respect for human rights.

Conclusively, I assure you that in the range of all actions and attempts of MHS Directorate in order to continue being improved, the personnel will continue to work intensively, engrossed to the MHS Directorate vision and strategy goals.

Main purpose of all, is the promotion of mental health for the whole population and for every citizen with mental health problems, and specifically to be able to offer them the best diagnostic evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation, by remaining, at the same time, into the family or community field, even as an autonomous and active person, professionally and socially.

Dr Anna Paradeisioti, MD, MA, PhD
Director of Mental Health Services Directorate