Nicosia Mental Health Centers

Athalassa Mental Hospital is the largest unit of the Department of Internal hospitalization of Mental Health Services and covers Pancyprian needs.

The Athalassa Mental Hospital accepts patients involuntarily or voluntary according to the provisions of the Psychiatric Nursing (Amending) Law 2003, 2007.

Athalassa Hospital consists of three Clinics

  • Psychiatric Clinic A which includes a Male Acute Ward and a Male Intermediate Closed Ward
  • Psychiatric Clinic B that includes a Female Acute Ward, and
  • Psychiatric Clinic C that includes a Male and Female Rehabilitation Ward.

Also, at Athalassa Hospital there is a Ward for chronic patients (Male and Female). At present procedures are in progress for their gradually rehabilitation in intermediate units in the community.

The Athalassa Mental Hospital offers assessment and provision of personalized care and hospitalization to the patient with the involvement of all mental health professionals. The Multidisciplinary Teams consists of Special Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Mental Health Nursing staff and a Social Worker.

It aims at faster and more appropriate rehabilitation and reintegration of the individual in the community, in addressing social prosperity where necessary, in maintaining, recalling or even developing individual and social skills and in providing a safe therapeutic environment for the patient.

Psychiatric Clinic

A voluntary admission unit with 20 beds providing short-term treatment for acute conditions. The Clinic is situated within the Nicosia General Hospital and it’s multidisciplinary staffed.

Community Services

A network of out-patient clinics forms the basis of the community mental health services. Multi-disciplinary staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and occupational-therapists who offer psycho-social education, counselling, psychotherapy and intervention in crises and relapses. The majority of the patients go to these centres for psychiatric treatment. The centres also offer community nursing.

Vocational Rehabilitation Unit

The Vocational Rehabilitation Unit (VRU) of Nicosia, is situated in the community and has as  main goal the reduction of social exclusion, the de-stigmatization of people with mental health problems and their social integration through employment in the open labour market.  The main programmes offered by the Vocational Rehabilitation Unit involve the psychosocial support for clients and their families on an individual and group level, the extended prevocational preparation and practical trial within the natural workplace for people who have weaknesses in basic job skills, alternative vocational programmes, support and guidance during employment and programs  for socialization and social inclusion – reintegration.

Day Centre

Day Centre is a rehabilitation unit in the community for people with mental health problems. Main goal is the social re-inclusion promotion, of people with long term mental illness, through programs that promote the development of self-care skills, work and social skills.

Psychotherapy Department

The Psychotherapy Department of Individual and Family Psychotherapy is situated within the Nicosia General Hospital and it provides specialised psychotherapy on an individual, family and group level using modern psychotherapeutic approaches for mental health issues and raising awareness. At this stage the Department offers two programs referred to sexually abused persons, underage and adults and to persons with limited personality disorder.

Mental Health Services in Central Prison Department

They deal with the needs of a vulnerable population with mental disorders such as personality disorders, schizophrenia and emotional disorders, suicidal or with risk of harm to others behavior, alcohol abuse and abuse of illicit substances. The population of prisoners requires a multidimensional approach, taking into consideration socio-cultural diversity, physical health problems, mental health problems and multiple social difficulties affecting not only the prisoners themselves but also their families. This department offers services to prisoners in the closed and open prison. Furthermore, Wing 10 is under 24hour nursing surveillance and accommodates individuals with active psychopathology who require further monitoring.

Inpatient Unit for Adolescent’s hospitalization

The Unit is the first Inpatient Unit for the hospitalization of teenagers with serious psychiatric and psychosocial problems (8 beds), in the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital. The Unit covers the needs of teenagers’ population pancypria and is staffed by trained inter-professional personnel of Mental Health Services (MHS).

 Services Consultation – liaison child and adolescent psychiatry

Through the service of Consultation – liaison child and adolescent psychiatry we provide psychiatric and psychological assessments, management and treatment to children and young people (up to 17 years ) attending at Makarios hospital, wherever they attend out- patient clinics or are admitted to in patient wards. The liaison child and adolescent psychiatry deals with cases where mental health issues / emotional and family distress result from acute, chronic or life threatening illness and disability as well as when mental health and emotional problems present as physical symptoms.

Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Centre

Our eating disorders service is a specialist facility of the State Health Services Organisation, based in Archibishop Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia. We provide outpatient assessment, treatment and care for children and young people, up to the age of 18, with severe physical and psychological problems relating to eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating and food refusal. We have specialist knowledge of eating disorders, with expertise in both individual and family therapy. We help patients and their families explore the nature of the eating disorder and the impact it is having on the young person and their family.


The Centre is situated in the community and provides on an external basis, services for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to children, adolescents and their families. Interventions include the family environment and the school context. At KEPSYPA are referred children and adolescents facing severe psychological and psychosocial difficulties.

 Therapeutic Unit for Addicted Persons (THEMEA)

THEMEA is a unit specialising in the physical and mental rehabilitation of people with alcohol misuse. The Unit operates both on an in-patients and out-patient basis.

Multi-Intervention Centre

The Multi-Intervention treatment Centre addresses to all dependents over the age of 22years old. Without applying exclusion criteria related to gender, origin, ethnicity, race, colour, political beliefs, sexual preferences, religion, mental and physical disability. The Centre covers the provinces of Nicosia, Larnaca and non-occupied Famagusta, for the dependency on illegal substances. Pancypria the Centre provides services for rehabilitation from gambling and legal drug addiction.

Drug substitution program GEFYRA

GEFYRA is a therapeutic substitution program, multidisciplinary staffed, addressed to persons with opioid drug dependence.  The program aims to reduce risks, physical, psychological and social difficulties due to addiction and to the physical, psychological and social rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Program DANΑΕ – Adult Counseling Center

The participation in the treatment program is voluntary and it is addressed to prisoners with addiction problems (alcohol, illicit substances, gambling and internet). Individual and group interventions are offered in the program.

 Substitution Program LEMVOS

The aim of the program is to reduce risks and it’s addressed to prisoners who, upon admission, have Opioid dependence. Individuals who were already part of a substitution program in their community, are given the option (in the context of therapeutic continuum) to continue during their imprisonment if they wish.

 Inpatient Unit for Adolescent’s in Addiction

The Unit is situated within the Psychiatric Unit in Nicosia General Hospital and it’s been institutionalized as a “Psychiatric Centre for Safety Hospitalization” where adolescents with addiction problems that present delinquent behavior, severe mental disorder and a court order is pending for their obligatory examination, can be hospitalized.

 Perseas” Counseling  Center for Adolescents and Family Mental Health Services (MHS)

 The Counseling Center provides counseling and treatment interventions for substance addiction as well as addictive behaviors such as gambling and internet, adopting healthy ways of living and promoting constructive communication skills among the family members. All these are achieved through systematic individual, group and family interventions conducted by specialized staff. The population served is adolescents and young adults between the ages 13 – 22 years old covering the needs of Nicosia, Larnaka and Famagusta regions. The services provided are free of charge and fully confidential